Thursday, October 25, 2018


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Plan, Prepare, Build

Proverbs 24:27
Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.”

God's order bears fruit. God's way brings about dynamic results. Doing what God says implies trust in Him and His Word. Let us all take heed and employ this direction to our lives as much as we are able. 

Plan - a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something; an intention or decision about what one is going to do; decide on and arrange in advance; a set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal. 
Summary: Futuristic, Vision, Mission, Goal

Not only must we make our plans, we must revisit them periodically to have them germinate within us. Write them to keep them visible. Anything that you intend to do must have some sort of plan, informal or formal. 

Prepare - make something ready for use or consideration; to work out details; to put together; to produce or make by combining elements; to synthesize, compound. Includes training, research, observations, and practicing. 
Summary: Readiness, Positioning

Get ready; make the the plan ready for the possible. If someone comes your way with a need for what you have planned, preparation makes it/you ready! 

Build - construct something by putting it together over a period of time; to develop according to a systematic plan, by a definite process, or a particular base. Doing the plan you have prepared for. 
Summary: Strategic intentional implementation

The manifestation of all the planning and preparing has come. It may seem as a whirlwind full of continual activity or a slow, step, by step plodding. Eventually, what you only visualized has become a reality doing or being what you planned and prepared. 

Proverbs 16:9

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” NLT

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” NIV

It is of utmost importance to listen to the Holy Spirit and to ponder what He says before building. During planning and preparation, we have opportunity to make adjustments according to God’s direction before the actual building process. It can come through the process of doing/trial and error, advice from others, or His still small voice. Building may not look exactly like the vision (plan) but will come out the way God ordained. To build, tenacity, faith, and patience are necessary to maintain a godly composure and to keep moving forward with the plan that He has prepared you for and has released you to implement! Walk by faith and not by sight throughout the process, this means trust God no matter what it looks like! 

Proverbs 3: 5,6

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” NLT

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

Rosalind Caldwell Stanley    October 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mental Health: Mental Illness & Emotional Distress

I have to say something about this current incident of shooting and the killing of mass numbers of people, most of them our youth!

My discourse can be totally spiritual or totally from a human perspective, however I will probably mix them because that is where I live everyday: a spiritual person (Christian) in a human body that lives in a world that is often difficult to understand or grapple with. 

I am so saddened as many of you by this Florida incident and many others that our country has unfortunately experienced! My heart and prayers go out to the families who have lost children / loved ones (teachers died, too). I cannot imagine the inner trauma of the youth who lived through it and hope and pray that they get the opportunity for trauma care within 48 hours to hopefully prevent PTSD or anxiety disorders.

My great concern is that our nation, as progressive and intelligent as we are are not wise when it comes to dealing with issues of mental illness or emotional distress.

First let me say this, because a person is diagnosed as mentally ill or is emotionally distressed it does not mean that they are a threat to society or that they will be a killer. The majority of people in this category are more needy of our care, compassion and help just to make it through each day of life than we actually realize!

So when a person who is diagnosed or observably seems mentally ill who does become a killer, there usually are unaddressed or unreported signs. The bigger problem is that we have tendency to be so caught up in ourselves or our own lives that we ignore others concerns or needs.

Also, in our country, with the diagnosed or seemingly mentally ill, especially when they are 18 years or older, the system is set up without care, compassion, or specific procedures to help them heal, to help them recover, or to do something to insure that they are not left to the tormentors, accusers, and confusion going on in their minds! This is where problems arise.

People in this category who have seen mental health providers or who have been identified by teachers or other institutions, or others, whether family members, neighbors, or friends, once deciding not to continue with treatment (and mind you, the fact that they are diagnosed mentally ill or are emotionally distressed, and depending on the diagnosis and the severity, are not rational), there is no real follow up, and because they are adults “privacy” precludes seeking them out!

Most people do not want to deal with such people or tend to look down on them not realizing that “but by the grace of God goes I!” Mental illness and emotional distress can happen to anyone at any point. Consider that most mental illnesses are Brain Disorders, not that person being demonized (though at times this might occur), or are at fault because of something they did, or are in this predicament because of the family members being dysfunctional or doing something to them when they were children.

The accurate and detailed information is out there provided by organizations like NAMI -National Alliance on Mental Illness, NIMH-National Institute on Mental Health, Brain & Behavior Research, Saddleback Church, American Association of Christian Counselors,
Mental Health Grace Alliance, and many others.

Three big problems keep this issue from being adequately addressed, 1) stigma, shame and looking down on people and families dealing with mental illness and 2) ignorance, many people think and say things about the mentally ill that are untrue or not fully understood and lastly, 3) resistance to seeking to be aware then to do something about it. In some areas of life and living, we are not our brother’s / sister’s keeper. We are often very selfish, self-centered and afraid that we will be subject to a sacrifice that will interrupt our great need for our own freedom, pleasure or entertainment seeking.

Laws and procedures for how we deal with mental illness in our country has to be reconsidered and rewritten. Health care providers and law enforcers need more money to hire more people to address this huge concern in our country in a way that is helpful and preventive. 

This is a subject that needs to be ongoing, not coming up only when there is a mass shooting or a few family members killed by a loved one or when incidents like Ashanti who was kidnapped and killed by a known mentally ill and homeless man who was allowed to be on a military base! We as a nation must take this concern very seriously dealing with it from the bottom up addressing every aspect of it from children through adults including homelessness as a result of mental illness! 

I could say more but this is what I have to say today. 

America please let’s do the right thing for those unable to help or care for themselves! And let’s choose to be our brother’s and sister’s keepers! Continual prayers for those grieving is in order because God does heal the broken-hearted and binds their wounds. Practical measures on a daily basis added to our prayer is what will change the heart of our nation.

Postscript: This writing is not intended to serve as an excuse for any killings or to downplay the grief of America or any family members in agony because of this FLorida or other killings. My concern is prevention, intervention, and recovery of all.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


I decided to read Matthew 25 again as I read through the Bible and have noticed a “wisdom principle” that I hadn’t seen the way I see it now. Let me see if I can get to the point in sharing this revelation to my soul that it can hopefully bless your life and help you in your Kingdom Assignment(s).

“For God so loved the world that He gave…,” that is a portion of John 3:16, which most people my age are familiar with. And our aim as His children is to give ourselves that others can receive His Love – eternal life. However, in this passage, Matthew 25: 1-13, The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids, (please read it for yourself), Jesus is teaching us a wisdom principle about giving. A note: He is not referring to money, as the word “giving” often connotes in the Body of Christ.

The wise women prepared for their assignment. They made sure that they had ample supply of the oil (the anointing, the power, the skill, the knowledge, the item or items important to carrying out the Kingdom Assignment). Whereas, the foolish women were busy doing other things (perhaps spending much time and energy getting their make-up, hair, and nails done, watching girlie flicks, etc.) and did not give thought or time to making sure that they had enough of what they would need for the assignment. They were looking at the assignment from the surface and were giddy about “their spot” or their involvement and the attention they would get.

Give some thought to a normal bridesmaid… They are thinking about how they look, does their dress fit, how they are going to walk, and all the normal, natural vain and self-promoting things the average bridesmaid thinks about; worldly thinking. They are not thinking that they have been given a role/assignment that when the wedding is over, they need to be prepared to assist with the marriage. That is, being a forever (in the natural from a distance) intercessor for that marriage, praying for them, checking in on them, finding ways to help their relationship flourish and stay together.

So, when a certain time came, everyone was tired; the wait was way longer than what they had anticipated and all of them fell asleep! All of them is important to see! This flesh, our humanity has a strong pull on us. Even though the wise women prepared themselves, they couldn’t control the things that happened naturally. We cannot control the winds and rains of life or the issues that impact our lives! At times, the wise women, the prepared ones, are like everyone else in the world – just going through it…seemingly. It looks as though all your effort, energy, your faith walk, and all the preparation was futile!

But then, when it is least expected, the moment arrives –
it’s time
to move into the fulfillment of the assignment.
Not time to get ready!
Not time to think about what to do next!
It’s now that time to move without delay!

And this is the point. There are times when  you see the need (s) of another or others and they may even directly ask for your assistance. But you, me, we must be able to discern the times of our own lives according to the assignment (s) God has given us individually or even as some collective body on a mission for His Kingdom! At this point when the Bridegroom opens the door, makes a way, says, “come on Let’s move forward” or simply “it’s time,” we must move, do, go, fulfil!

When someone asks you for what you prepared for, what you have, or what is necessary to fulfill the assignment, it is not selfish to say, “no, go get it for yourself,” because they had the same opportunity to prepare but chose otherwise. Realistically, and in all humility, and more importantly, whatever the reason they are not ready at this time, cannot be your concern! Your primary concern has to be The Bridegroom and His call on your life! You do not have “extra” that you can give it away! Actually, giving it away will weaken you. The unprepared women, in this season, are not your responsibility! The choices they made are not to be discussed or reasoned. Your primary focus is The Bridegroom and His call on your life!

So, being a giver, whether it is of ministry to others, time, self, finances, or whatever, it becomes even more urgent for you to recognize the time you are in! (or will be in because this may happen periodically in this life until we get the final call).

Givers must get over themselves in feeling responsible or guilty thinking themselves to be selfish or unsacrificing when they have more than enough and sense not to give it away. Understand what I am saying, know by the Spirit of God, not by the flesh (Galatians 5:16, Romans 8:14, Galatians 5:25). In other words, hear God’s voice daily to know His will – don’t just do what you always do because that is you and how you do it. Let God direct your way each day (Proverbs 3:5,6). Discern the difference between self-protection and any other self-way that is all about you and the flesh!

The focus, again, has to be The Bridegroom and His call on your life whether that be the assignment of the moment or your very station or status in life! When He says, “it’s time” act as wise as you are (that is be wise : ) and go ahead with all your stuff (skill, knowledge, money, items) [and we as His children should carry the anointing, but then that is another teach] and do whatever it is He has assigned you to do! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

MY VIEW on Race Relations in America

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a guest on a syndicated radio program, Another View (, hosted by Barbara Hamm Lee, to discuss stress and how discrimination affects African Americans’ stress levels. The program, generally speaking, addresses issues from an African American perspective, bringing understanding, clarity, and open dialogue for people of all races, ethnicities or nationalities to chime in. Stress, being our topic, and me having written a book on reducing stress, Stress Indication Test: A Tool to Help Christians Reduce Stress, and a book geared to the African American Family, African American Family Life: It’s Time To Get It Back, and thirdly, being an advocate for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental, this show was a fit.

The conversation was fast moving and engaging and I believe, on point, for its intention.  However, because of it being fast moving and a discussion, my thoughts were racing and things that I wanted to say were not stated. So, I figured I’d make some statements via my blogging, if you would hear me out and bear with my thoughts: )

The first thing that I do want to emphasize is, purchase my book, Stress Indication Test: A Tool to Help Christians Reduce Stress. Even though it is geared to Christians, it is a test to help you determine your level of stress. The recommendations can help everyone dealing with stress. If the recommendations are out of line with your belief system, then “chew the meat and spit out the bones.” As an aside, my mother would be proud that I got a cliché correct. She actually gave me a book of clichés because of my historical inability to quote them correctly.

I also want to clarify my stance regarding race relations. I am an African American woman who grew up in a predominantly African American community. It didn’t impact me that we were low income and that we lived in what was called a ghetto until sometime during and after High School. I was reared mostly by my mother, with a period of that time having a stepfather in the picture, both African American, intelligent, working people. The other parts of my story are not for this blog. I say all this to say, I did not grow up being taught either verbally or through modeling, to hate, dislike, or see white people as any different than me even though there were obvious differences in attitudes and life privileges.

Yes, I definitely saw racism and experienced prejudice over my 59 years of living in America. When I began applying to colleges, I needed a stamp to mail an application. So, not having a stamp with me in school, I asked my guidance counselor if he would loan me a stamp and I would pay him back the next day. He obliged telling me not to worry about paying him back because there was no way that I, a black girl with a baby, would make it to or through college anyway. This was my first very direct encounter against what I was primed that I could do!

Then attending college, initially the white girls would walk against the wall when they saw me and my friend coming so as not to risk touching us or us touching them. Eventually, as we reached out to them, they began to realize that we were people just like them and we began to get along. Other instances like being followed in department stores, etc., did not disrupt my ability to embrace a white person as a person even though I encountered (oftentimes oblivious) individual prejudiced white people on many occasions.  However, systemic/institutional racism I have always been well aware of and as a teen began learning ways to overcome the system and stand against it by black and white ladies of the Paterson YWCA. I have always loved people; all people. This is a family trait. We are blessed to see the person beyond the color, nationality, ethnicity, or attitude.

As an African American, as was mentioned on Another View, I learned, almost by osmosis, to interact in two different worlds successfully. However, not to be fake or phony, just to be me, and to help make the whites around me feel relatable or comfortable, and to be American.  When I became a Christian and began to learn and choose the Love of God and the way of God, I also chose not to have angst against anyone, regardless of color, ethnicity, attitudes, and the list can go on. Am I perfect at this? Not at all! Better, yes, and becoming better as I am intentional about it most days.  I work on choosing to love others as God has loved me. And, God is a Spirit (John 4:24). Jesus came to demonstrate God/godliness in the flesh (John 1) and probably was a Middle Easterner, but certainly a man of color. But what difference does that make to my soul or to your soul? He came to heal us all and to deliver us from the works of the devil! (Luke 4:18, Mark 2:17, 1 John 3:8)

Division, prejudice, hatred, violent acts (physical and micro-aggression), treating others as if they are “less than” and any ways in opposition to or unlike the way of God are evil and from the devil (who today most people, including some Christians, choose to ignore the existence of).  African Americans carrying any prejudice or hatred as a result of the plight that we have encountered from whites in American is against the way of God, too.

Forgiveness and repentance, open dialogue and discussions about the reality of racism in America, racial violence, stereotyping and profiling, are all a continued necessity for clarity and to bring some levels of resolve and healing to the souls of black and white people in America.

So, to bring this blog to a close, I am sad that after all these years considering the hardships that people endured through the civil rights movement and prior, and the advanced state of our world, that this is as big an issue as it is. However, I am glad to see blacks and whites attempting to engage to bring about healing. This is a big way to help lessen African American stress and White American fear. I stand along with other Christians who are not in denial or ignorance about this issue, in being true examples of God’s love, and of grace and truth to those around us. 

We as Jesus followers must keep our focus and choose to please God above our natural selves or according to this world we live in. We are Kingdom of God people. Jesus came saying “Repent, the Kingdom of God is here.” (Matthew 4:17, Matthew 3:2) Repent, in simplistic terms means, change your ways. Let’s help more people de-stress  and lessen fears by modeling for them and teaching them about the Kingdom of God in our daily, practical ways of living and interacting! It is a choice you make and it must be intentional.

Roz’s book Stress Indication Test: A Tool to Help Christians Reduce Stress, can be purchased at or by contacting her directly through her email address

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is a topic that can go many ways. However, I am choosing as a basis, the  biblical worldview along with insights from secular mental health. Both have validity. Both help in the process of Emotional Wholeness.  

I recently attended a webinar put on by SAMSHA (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) which covered this very issue. The need for faith communities to connect with mental health providers and vice versa in order to be better equipped at reaching the millions of Americans dealing with some level of emotional / mental health issue. 

You see, the term mental health distracts us from the fact that some parts of a persons  issues are emotional however are connected to their thoughts (mental). And, some of the mental issues, especially diagnosable mental disorders, are connected to the physical, meaning the brain and it's chemical activity. And some come in the form of actual physical sickness when not properly addressed and/ or treated from an emotional/mental/spiritual perspective. Some issues are spiritual in nature that then affect the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of a person. 

Much of this information requires educational awareness from these different entities and directed at different populations of society for understanding, respect, and positive action to be implemented. This is what I appreciated about the SAMSHA webinar. The spiritual (and again, my worldview is biblical), secular mental or behavioral health, and related medical aspects are important to be understood and addressed. Often, we overlook all of the possibilities of a persons emotional problems because we are narrow minded or shortsighted because of our beliefs, area of expertise, or limited understanding. 

Emotional Wholeness means being emotionally healthy. Healthy brings to us the connotation of being healed. All of us at one time or another suffer an emotional crisis; a death of a loved one, a broken relationship, a church, work, friend or family betrayal, failed attempts at what we see as success, disappointments of various kinds or fear and anxiety due to the pressures of life or realities of terrorism and war. 

All of these and other items can produce emotional distress and cause a temporary period of emotional duress. Some people process through it in a healthy manner and come out stronger having learned their capacity to cope in a healthy manner at deeper levels. Others respond by engaging negative coping mechanisms which if activated for too long become a destruction force to their emotional well being. Even though seeking assistance when dealing with an emotional issue is warranted, it is especially recommended when negative ways of coping continue. 

Each of us, unless there truly is an untreatable brain disorder (which is questionable by those who believe in consistent soaking prayer), has the capacity for emotional problems. Grief, anger, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, rejection, sadness, depression, ungodly, negative or irrational thinking, unforgiveness, relationship issues, and the list can go on, introduce themselves to all of us at varying times of life. To address them (deal with them) is essential to Emotional Wholeness. Not dealing with them in an appropriate and healthy manner leads to our own demise, very subtlety. 

Many of us carry with us, from our backgrounds, pride that we can handle it by ourselves. Or, we subconsciously believe that if we share the truth about our emotional pain and/or our ungodly, negative, irrational thinking (use the term that you are most comfortable with), or slang, "stinkin' thinkin," that we will be looked upon negatively. This is when it is recommended that you seek out someone, (even a friend or family member) whom will be confidential. All mental health providers and pastoral counselor's or church leaders (should) are held to a vow of confidentiality. 

Some people don't really recognize that they have an emotional issue, only that they tend not to get along with a number of people or don't have friends or end up in arguments and fights more often than most people, or keep starting a romantic relationship that never blossoms into a keeper, unfortunately blaming the other person or people. 

Emotional Wholeness is your potential! It is possible! It may take a while, depending on your personal issues. But, aren't you worth it? Or is worthiness your issue? My purpose in this writing is as usual, to help you. To suggest that you think through your life and issues, to think about yourself. Then to assess where you are and decide whether you are emotionally whole. Also, to decide that if you do have some unresolved issues, how will you handle them. 

Lastly, let me say this, we need to stop judging each other the way that we do and realize that everyone is dealing with something, or has or will. And that the issues of our lives, though unknown to everyone, may in fact be affecting a person causing a particular attitude or response. That this is probably not their norm or is only their norm because of unaddressed emotional issues. Have compassion and empathy (put yourself in someone else's shoes) and pray for them. Say a kind word to them. Encourage them regardless as to their attitude, words or behavior. If you cannot do this, accept the fact that you, too, have emotional or spiritual issues that need to be addressed, then address them. 

We all need some help in some aspect of our lives. God made us to need one another and even commands us to help / love one another. Let's change our world by working on changing ourselves. Then being more willing to be a complement to others rather than bringing wounding to the wounded. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's quite amazing to me how God works in our lives. Often, we do not recognize that He is at work. At times, we can or do look back and see how He was at work when, obnoxiously, we may have thought that it was our intelligence, wisdom, gifts, etc., that caused some beautiful thing to happen. We tend to pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments, not fully giving the credit to the One who created us and gives us the ability and strength to do what we do. 

Be this motherhood, fathering children, doing well in our careers, or simply helping someone in some way. Many of us also tag dollars to what proves we are successful or numbers of people we reach through our efforts. Even though these things count for something, without God in the mix, they are nothing. 

Being used of God to help others become spiritually mature while I am in the process of becoming spiritually mature also amazes me. Granted, spiritual maturity is a lifelong process. All of us are at different levels, stages, or dimensions of our spiritual maturity. And even more amazing, we are more mature in some areas of life than in others. The danger in this is that we might think we are very mature all around because of some areas of spiritual maturity. That is, because of only some issues, attitudes or behaviors in which we have indeed "grown up." 

I am grateful that God has been working in me. When I say this, I say it through hindsight. Much of my spiritual maturity has come thorough some kind of pain, conflict, problem, issues, whatever term you choose to use. At the time, I could not see that He was doing some work in me. Whatever the situations that I was experiencing were more real to me than what God may have been trying to show me, teach me, or cleanse out of me. 

As a result of life events and of trials, the anointing of God and the wisdom of God come through me in ways that super amaze me! Even though I have had the opportunity, and still do, to receive training and learn skills for helping others receive emotional healing and/or become spiritually mature, God works through me for each person, couple, family or group in their situation in ways that I am often not cognizant of. My goal, however, is to yield to Him and allow His Spirit to have way as I am in the presence of others. 

To the credit of the many exceptional churches, ministries, ministers, family and friends that I have had the opportunity to glean from, I have learned that spending time with God and in His Word, no matter what is going on in my life (or what is not that I wish was going on) is of utmost importance. So, as problems, etcetera, arise in my life, I spend time with God, I seek Him for comfort, for peace and for understanding. Through these "precious moments" He instills in me things that turn into spiritual maturity. He then uses these "revelations" or "new learnings" to share with others in a variety of ways, one being counseling and also, through writing or speaking. 

Through all these words, what I am hoping you got is that for you to become spiritually mature (and remember, this is a lifelong training), you must spend time getting to know or better know God through prayer and the reading/revelation found in His Word (the Bible). This is not a process that you can engage always alone. You will need others to help you along the way. Whether it is through church, ministries, ministers, family, and friends or even through counseling. To become spiritually mature you need others. You need solo time with The Lord God and you need to learn from and interact with others. I hope and pray that you take this to heart and that in some way it helps you to be intentional about your spiritual maturity.

As an old friend of mine used to always say (Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries of America), "so there you have it!"

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was led by the Spirit of God to this passage:

" Now your impurity is lewdness, because I have tried to cleanse you
but you would not be cleansed from your impurity, you will not be
clean again until my wrath against you has subsided. 
I, the Lord have spoken: The time has come for Me to  act. 
I will not hold back; I will not have pity nor will I relent. You will be 
judged according to your conduct and actions, declares the Lord."
Ezekiel 24:13-14

What was in my spirit prior to reading this Holy Spirit led to word, was "there is a war going on, an actual war between the Republicans and Democrats, Governor Romney and President Obama. The warriors are out."  It was like a scene before my eyes where the public could only see the minimal ugliness of the war, being deceived to think that their chosen party or presidential candidate was good. But in reality, behind the scenes, an all out ugly, mean, evil war is taking place. Both parties equally engaged. Immediately, I began to pray. This is what I prayed (perhaps you will join me in this prayer):

Oh Lord! My Father God! I pray for my country, the United States of America. I pray Lord, for Your grace. I know that You have extended Your mercy and grace for us for a long time and that You have been holding back for that reason. Lord, You have a remnant of Your people here in America who do love You and have chosen to walk in Your ways. Who do not curse their brethren, who do not take political sides, but clearly see You and have chosen You! Will You not relent on our behalf Lord? Will You intervene and only cause Your wrath to come to those who chose not to fear You as God?

Please Lord, reveal Yourself to those who are at the critical and strategic places in this inner American war. Cause them to see that You are God. If they ignore You this time Lord, spare those who have chosen and will choose You. Allow those of us who fear You to have an open opportunity to proclaim You and Your ways! Give us the platform, the funds, the favor and open doors to proclaim You without compromise, and totally separated from politics, political parties and political shenanigans! Lord, Your will be done! Hear my prayer and others crying out to You for the United States of America! Let Your Spirit of Unity begin to operate and flow amongst the people who have chosen You as their God and Lord and recognize You as Creator and Sustainer of all things. Forgive us for complacency.

I am praying out of finite thinking and seeing, Lord, You know all things. So if it be Your will, this word that You spoke to me, so be it, Lord. Only make ways for Your children, those who have not turned to the left or the right, but whose eyes and hearts are on You. In Jesus' Name I cry to You! AMEN

(Numbers 20:17; Deuteronomy 2:27, 5:32, 17:11; Joshua 1;7, 23:6; 2 Chronicles 34:2;  Proverbs 4:27; Isaiah 30:12)

Disclaimer: This is not to suggest that you not vote, however it is a suggestion to consider your allegiance. Is it to God or a political party?